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This section of the website will give you ideas on how to introduce Operation Noah's Ash Wednesday Declaration and its significance to your church fellowship.

Below is one approach that you could take.

Step-by-step guide to getting your church engaged with the Ash Wednesday Declaration

1. Find one or two people who care either about the issue or for you, preferably both, and work together on the following:

2. Send this web link about the Ash Wednesday Declaration to your church leader asking for time in a PPC or church council meeting to discuss this.  Point them as well to our Theology resources page for the theogical basis for the declaration. You really need 30 minutes, but accept what you are given with gratitude.

3. Before the meeting send the link to the members of the church council so they have a chance to read it before you meet. In preparation for the meeting and any difficult questions read our Theology resources page and check out the useful facts and figures on the Amberlinks website.

4. At the meeting: 

5. Offer this magazine article to your local parish magazine.  

6. Organise the service.

7. Download this form and ask people to sign the declaration after the service.

8. Let us know how you got on.