Speaking out on the Energy Bill


Operation Noah has been part of a broad coalition of over 200 NGOs, organisations and faith groups calling on the Government to adopt clear targets and incentives for clean energy generation by 2030. The Energy Bill currently going through parliament will determine how our electricity is produced and regulated for decades to come.

Key amendments to adopt a decarbonisation target, to nearly entirely cut carbon emissions from our power sector by 2030, were defeated in the House of Commons vote in June. The proposal was defeated by a narrow margin of just 12 votes, which signifies a huge division in government energy policy. The Energy Bill is currently being debated in the House of Lords.

(Update: An amendment to the Energy Bill, aimed at setting a 2030 decarbonisation target for the power sector in 2014, was defeated in the House of Lords on 28 October 2013.)

Over 90% of the country’s electricity is currently produced from fossil fuels. We need to see real ambition towards a low-carbon energy supply, as well as significant resourcing for energy demand reduction, if the UK is to achieve the legally binding commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions outlined in the Climate Change Act. A recent report from Zero Carbon Britain presents a realistic scenario for how Britain can meet all of its energy needs through renewable technologies combined with energy efficiency by 2030.

Setting a clear target for decarbonisation now would give the green light for substantial investment in the UK's growing green economy to create many more jobs and help end our dependence on fossil fuels. Instead the Government is going down the path of new gas-powered energy generation and unconventional gas extraction.

Operation Noah will continue to call on the Government to act on climate change and continue lobbying for a better Energy Bill as it goes through the legislation process in 2013.

For further information on related campaigns for clean energy and to stop unconventional gas extraction see Friends of the Earth and Frack-off - Extreme Energy Action Network.