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Press release: Operation Noah backs call for decarbonisation target in Energy Bill

February 2013: Today, many NGOs, faith groups and organisations have issued the following joint statement calling on the Government to commit the UK to a near carbon free power sector by 2030.

Hope for Creation

Hope for Creation is a global day of prayer and action on Climate Sunday, 6th November, organised in response to the desperate need for urgent action to tackle climate change. Christians from countries across the world will be getting down on their knees to pray and speak out for action to protect creation and our global neighbours who depend on it.

The climate threat from tar sands

August 2011

A huge protest is currently taking place in the US and globally against the Keystone pipeline from the Alberta tar sands, described by activist Bill McKibben as "the largest civil disobedience movement in the history of the climate movement."

Financing the Green Transition – why we can afford it.

Last month Ann Pettifor gave a ‘Green Talk‘ in Bristol, organised by Climate Works. The five minute talk ourlines how we can afford to finance the Green Transition – watch here: 




One man's risky bid to save public land

28th June 2011

The following has been published by the National Catholic Reporter and was written by John Dear SJ. To read more please visit http://ncronline.org/.

One of the most astonishing, creative and powerful acts of nonviolent civil disobedience in recent U.S. history took place on Dec. 17, 2008, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Climate change sceptic think tank shuts down

The International Policy Network, once the most persuasive and active think tanks campaigning against climate change science, has disbanded in the UK after what appears to be a spilt between its leading members, reports the Independent.

Read article: Climate change sceptic think tank shuts down

Food prices to double by 2030, and climate change is a factor

4th June 2011

The average price of staple foods will more than double in the next 20 years, Oxfam has warned. A devastating combination of factors, including climate change and depleting natural resources, have created the conditions for an increase in deep poverty.

Guardian article: Food prices to double by 2030, Oxfam warns

Nobel laureates speak out on climate change

23rd May 2011

Primate of Southern Africa: "Climate Change is Moral Imperative for All"

22nd May 2011

The Most Revd Dr Thabo C Makgoba has written to his faithful that climatic change must be regarded as a mortal imperative for all and hopes that others at World Economic Forum in Africa will take heed of his call.

Government accepts independent advisors on carbon emissions!

22nd May 2011

Thank you all who emailed, wrote letters or prayed!  The government has accepted the recommendations of the Committee on Climate Change to halve the UK's emissions by 2025.

A European Revival of Liberation Theology

29th April 2011

A group of European theologians have put forward a statement 'Life in Just Peace' that reflects their view of what Christians should be saying about global capitalism. Ulrich Duchrow, writing in Tikkun magazine, describes it as 'one that goes much further than many of our fellow Christians in the Northern hemisphere would choose'.

The statement discusses the current economic system and why, from both a human and a Christian perspective, it needs radical change.

Towards an eco-theology

Churches in Argentina took part in a seminar in March 2011 on the theme "Christian faith and ecology: towards an eco-ecumenical theology".

Speakers proposed a review of Latin American theology to include the addition of the prefix "eco" to reflect an imperative, urgent concern for nature.

Read report on the World Council of Churches website.

Power Shift 2011: building a movement

19th April 2011

Over 10,000 young people came together in April for Power Shift 2011,  a three-day conference to train, organize, and mobilize for climate action in the United States. The event included talks from Van Jones and Al Gore, workshops on local solutions, and a mass march against big polluters in the streets of Washington DC.

One highlight from the weekend was the speech from Bill McKibben, which energized a crowd 10,000 people-strong.

Here is an extract from the speech:

Natural disasters?

19th April 2011

From the Australian floods to the Brazilian landslide and earthquake in Japan, 2011 has become a year of disasters. But are these really 'natural' - or are we to blame?

350.org found Bill McKibben, writing in the Guardian, says:

The woman giving up supermarkets for Lent

29th March 2011

'Life without supermarkets - is it possible? Could we begin to live nowadays without the convenience of finding all our shopping needs under one roof?'

An Oil Bank of Scotland or a Royal Bank of Sustainability?

16th March 2011

Climate Week takes place from 21st to 27th March, but is proving controversial, as the Guardian reports.  And WDM have called on supporters to engage creatively with Climate Week while highlighting the irony of RBS sponsorship.


The Energy Report 100% renewable energy by 2050.

 14th March 2011

Climate Projections Show Human Health Impacts Possible Within 30 Years

22nd February 2011

A panel of scientists speaking on February 19th at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) unveiled new research and models demonstrating how climate change could increase exposure and risk of human illness originating from ocean, coastal and Great Lakes ecosystems, with some studies projecting impacts to be felt within 30 years.

Playing Russian roulette with the rainforest

23rd February 2011

Growing Valentine's Day roses harming Kenya's ecological site

 14th February 2011

Supermarkets eager to meet demand for cheap flowers urged to show more concern for the environment.

The Guardian's Rebecca Smithers reports on the environmental effects of celebrating Valentines day.

Ministers halt some forest sales after public outcry

 14th February 2011

The government has put on hold plans to sell off some English forests - but the main scheme could still go ahead.

BBC news keeps us up to date with the progress of the planned sale of state-owned forests. 

Proposals to offload 258,000 hectares run by the Forestry Commission have attracted cross-party criticism and a public outcry.

UK governments have failed to support organic farming, says report

9th February 2011

'The UK is the 'lazy man of Europe', and should follow example of other countries, according to the Soil Association'

Rebecca Smithers, from the Guardian reports on research from the UK's biggest organic body.

Palm oil deal aims to save forests and carbon

9th February 2011

'A major palm oil producer is joining forces with environmental campaigners in a bid to ramp up forest protection.'

Richard Black, Environment correspondent for BBC News reports on the world's second highest palm oil producers and thier promise to halt deforestation in valuable areas of Indonesian forest.

Disaster brews as cyclone stalks north

 31st January 2011

'Premier Anna Bligh says the cyclone bearing down on the Queensland coast has the potential to be the biggest the state has ever seen.'

ABC news keeps us informed with the current situation of Cyclone Yasi .

Pesticide linked to bee deaths should be suspended, MPs told

 31st January 2011

'A new generation of pesticides is implicated in the widespread deaths of bees and other pollinators and should be suspended in Britain while the Government reviews new scientific evidence about their effects'

Polar bear's epic nine day swim in search of sea ice

 31st January 2011

'A polar bear swam continuously for over nine days, covering 687km (426 miles), a new study has revealed.'

Ella Davies the Earth News reporter for the BBC tells us more about polar bear behaviour.

Cold comfort: Canada's record-smashing mildness

25th January 2011

A Point of View: Has our relationship with nature changed?

 24th January 2011

'Fear of ecological destruction causes us to pity and protect nature rather than oppose it, says Alain de Botton'

Report reveals flooding's massive impact on farms and mining

 24th January 2011

The devastation from recent floods will cost the Australian agricultural sector $500-600 million, while coal exports will take a $2-2.5 billion hit in 2010-11, according to a new report.

James Massola from The Australian reports.

More storms ahead for flood-ravaged Queensland

 24th January 2011

'Storms are hampering the flood recovery effort across much of Queensland.'

Andree Withey, Fidelis Rego and Paul Robinson from ABC report the latest news from Queensland.

Heavy rain dumped more than 100 millimetres across parts of the state's south-east overnight.

Carbon trade cyber-theft hits €30m

 24th January 2011

'Cyber-thieves have stolen as much as €30m in carbon allowances from the European Union’s emissions trading system, authorities said, as exchanges across Europe halted trading on Thursday.'

The climate movement is in desperate need of renewal

20th January 2011

'If a jury that received extensive education on climate change could not vindicate the Ratcliffe activists, then who will?'

Global warming: Impact of receding snow and ice surprises scientists

20th January 2011

'The seasonal cooling effect of light-reflecting snow and ice in the Northern Hemisphere may be weakening at twice the rate predicted by climate models, a new study shows, accelerating the impact of global warming.'

Brazil flood and mudslide deaths rise as rescue goes on

19th January 2010

'More than 420 people have now been killed by flooding and mudslides in south-eastern Brazil, officials say.'

BBC news reports on the floods currently hitting South America, rain is predicted for the next few days and the death toll is expected to rise.

Lessons on environment as important as the three Rs, says Attenborough

10th january 2011

'Veteran presenter says nature classes should be on a par with maths and English for children 'estranged' from the natural world'

'Biblical' floods hit Queensland and leave tens of thousands homeless

 4th January 2011

'Worst rains for 50 years leave Queensland homes and businesses facing invasion of snakes and killer crocodiles'

The northern Australian state of Queensland faces a flood of "biblical proportions" a local official warned yesterday, as rising water levels caused the evacuation of tens of thousands of people.

Why were the churches at the UN Conference on Climate Change in Cancun?

14th December 2010

The statement below is a declaration by the delegates of the World Council of Churches and Lutheran World Federation stating why they were present at the 16th edition of Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP).


 LWF and WCC delegates to COP16*

Australia Floods Damage Crops, Force Evacuations; Coal Shipments Disrupted

7th December 2010

'Flooding and heavy rainfall in Australia damaged wheat crops, disrupted coal production and caused communities to be evacuated as eastern states prepared for further wet weather this week.'

Cancún climate talks: In search of the holy grail of climate change policy

30th November 2010

'Although Copenhagen fell short of delivering a legally binding global treaty, Cancún is another step towards that ultimate goal'

Michael Jacobs, correspondent for The Guardian reports on Cancún climate talks this week.

Waiting for Thermogeddon ? Christian Ecology Link says "pull on your boots !"

16th November 2010

'Is Climate Change all a bit too much to fight ? Are you going to give up hope, sit back and wait for "Thermogeddon" ? Or are you going to pull on your walking boots for the annual Climate March in London ?'

Greener 'equals healthier and wealthier world'

4th November 2010

'Taking measures to combat climate change could generate thousands of jobs and slash healthcare costs by up to £2 billion, an environmental charity has claimed.'

"Why People Should Centre the Climate Debate" Speech by Mary Robinson, UNA-UK's UN Forum 2010

October 27th 2010

On 12 June 2010 UNA-UK held a major one-day civil society event in London entitled 'UN Forum: for a more secure and just world'.

The purpose of the event was to highlight the pressing challenges facing the UN today, and to stimulate thought and debate on how to make the Organisation stronger, more credible and more effective.

Green fatigue hits campaign to reduce carbon footprint

October 11th 2010

'Car sales, flights and waste all increase as the recession takes its toll on consumers' motivation.'

China's climate change talks: What's changed since Copenhagen?

7th October 2010

'Few expect big breakthroughs at China's climate change talks this week. The real success will be in smoothing relations after the Copenhagen debacle and small side deals that are more realistic, observers sayFew expect big breakthroughs at China's climate change talks this week. The real success will be in smoothing relations after the Copenhagen debacle and small side deals that are more realistic, observers say.'

Climate change crisis 'can be solved by oil companies'

29th September 2010

'Climate change can be solved in a snap by making oil, gas and coal companies take responsibility for burying all the carbon dioxide emitted by the fossil fuel products they sell, one of Britain's leading young climate scientists said yesterday.'

Salmond claims 100% green electricity in Scotland 'achievable' by 2025

29th September 2010

'First minister Alex Salmond at the Scottish Low Carbon Investment conference says that Scotland could theoretically generate all its electricity from renewable sources by 2025'

Severin Carrell from the Guardian reports on Alex Salmond's Motivational speech at the Scottish Low Carbon Investment conference

Awesome Ark!

22nd September 2010

'Working Replica of Noah's Ark opened In SCHAGEN, Netherlands .Man Builds Noah's Ark to the exact scale given in the Bible.'

In the midst of so much negative news here is a positive story about a devout Christian man wanting to share the story of Noah with this and the next generation hoping he will bring their faith alive. 

The Brothers Koch and AB 32

22nd September 2010

'Four years ago, bipartisan majorities in the California Legislature approved a landmark clean energy bill that many hoped would serve as a template for a national effort to reduce dependence on foreign oil and mitigate the threat of climate change.'

This editorial published in the New York Times discusses the 2006 law and the well-financed coalition seeking to effectively kill it.

Climate change enlightenment was fun while it lasted. But now it's dead

22nd September 2010

'The collapse of the talks at Copenhagen took away all momentum for change and the lobbyists are back in control. So what next?'

George Monbiot the best selling author or books such as The Age of Consent, comments on the current governmental interest in climate change.

The Grand Vacuum

21st September 2010

Follow Ann Pettifor’s blog on Debtonation about the financial crisis, and read her views on the Pope's current visit to the UK.

Carbon-absorbent foam triumphs at 2010 Earth Awards

19th September 2010

 'A revolutionary artificial photosynthetic foam developed by Prof David Wendell and inspired by nest of South American frog will line coal-burning power plants which captures and converts the Sun's energy more effectively than living organisms.'

Tarnished Earth: the destruction of Canada's boreal forest

15th September 2010

'We recognise the power of art to motivate people to take action and drive change, and we are confident that Tarnished Earth will help raise awareness of the massive environmental damage being caused by the exploitation of Canadian tar sands.'

BBC Radio 4: The Pope's British Divisions

14th September 2010

'As British Catholics prepare to welcome Pope Benedict XVI, Mark Dowd investigates the UK's biggest religious minority and asks - is it becoming more conservative?'

Scientists investigate massive walrus haul-out in Alaska

14th September 2010

'Scientists fear declining Arctic sea ice may have caused an unprecedented mass migration to dry land'

Nissan Leaf's Strangely Moving Polar Bear Ad

13th September 2010


'Nissan's new ad for the Leaf, its much-anticipated entrance into the electric car field, somehow combines melting ice caps, an electric car, a polar bear and a strangely moving man-and-animal embrace'

Study slashes estimated rates of ice loss from Greenland, West Antarctica

8th September 2010

'Estimates of the rate of ice loss from Greenland and West Antarctica, one of the most worrying questions in the global warming debate, should be halved, according to Dutch and US scientists.'

Agence France-Presse from The Raw Story reports on the new study, published in the September issue of the journal Nature Geoscience.

'Peak Oil' and the German Government

7th September 2010

"A study by a German military think tank has analyzed how "peak oil" might change the global economy. The internal draft document -- leaked on the Internet -- shows for the first time how carefully the German government has considered a potential energy crisis"

Stefan Schultz from Spiegel Online reports on the Military Study which warns us of a Potentially Drastic Oil Crisis. 

The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party

7th September 2010

‘Another weekend, another grass-roots demonstration. Last Sunday the site was Lower Manhattan, where the subject was the “ground zero mosque.” This weekend, the scene shifted to Washington where the avatars of oppressed white Tea Party America, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, were slated to “reclaim the civil rights movement”

BP: Deepwater Horizon oil well will be permanently sealed 'in two weeks'

3rd September 2010

"Oil giant hopes ruptured oil well in Gulf of Mexico will be sealed by mid-September, with clean-up bill now at $8bn2

The Guardian's Julia Kollewe reports on the the oil giant hopes to seal the well for good in mid-September.

Saved from Pakistan's endless sea

"A month after floods devastated the country, small boats still rescue those strong, and lucky, enough to have survived the waters"

A month into the unfolding disaster the Guardian's Gethin Chamberlaine tells the heartbreaking stories of many Pakistani families:

At first it looks like just another tiny island of ruined and abandoned buildings, poking out of the vast, unnatural inland sea that stretches away into the distance on all sides.

The Climate Catastrophe Trail Leads to Our Doorstep – Believe It

29th August 2010

"It’s been a wild year, with NASA reporting the highest global temperatures since record-keeping began, catastrophic drought in Russia, China’s worst flooding in a decade, catastrophic flooding in Pakistan"

Deluges after the deluge

26th August 2010

"Catastrophic floods in Pakistan are likely to recur as global warming combines with El Niño"

The Guardian's Julian Hunt reports on the Pakistani crisis, and challenges the country now faces  

Climate activists’ oil stunt ‘reckless’

 24th August 2010

"Climate change protesters who spread an oil-like substance on two busy roads in Edinburgh on Monday have been criticised for endangering motorists."

The Financial Times' Andrew Bolger reports on events in Edinburgh as Climate Camp activists come under fire: 

The chilling effect of recession

 24th August 2010

"Is concern for the environment a luxury good?"

Matthew E. Kahn and Matthew J. Kotchen present data from google searches of the words 'global warming' and 'unemployment' by US users. They display an alarming trend as public concern moves away from climate change in the face of the recession: 

Where are the hurricanes?

23rd August 2010

"Don’t be surprised if in a few years time you read this headline news: “Global Warming Spares Florida from Hurricanes”

Green Energy News' Bruce Mulliken reports on this years unexpected hurricane season:

Pakistan caught between floods and drought

23rd August 2010

"The Indus has not been kind to Mohammed Maitlo. His one-acre farm in Pakistan received so little water for irrigation this year that his wheat crop was stunted. Then the river burst its banks, destroying his home and livelihood."

The Financial Times' Matthew Green reports on the millions dispossessed by the recent tragic floods:

Environment Oil spills Outrage at UN decision to exonerate Shell for oil pollution in Niger delta

 23rd August 2010

"Oil giant blamed for 10% of 9m barrels leaked in 40 years
Report claims rest of leaking oil caused by saboteurs"

The Guardian's John Vidal reports on the new UN finding on Oil pollution in the Niger Delta:

Interfaith Power and Light

11th August 2010

Interfaith Power and Light is mobilizing a religious response to global warming in congregations through the promotion of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and conservation.

The Interfaith Power and Light projects going on in the USA, reducing the carbon footprints in churches, and holding leaders to account. Watch the video below and learn more:


The world's first really green oil deal

8th August 2010

'Ecuador's £3.6bn scheme to save its rainforest from exploitation could point the way to sparing other threatened landscapes'

Read Esme McAvoy's article in the Independent reports on what could be an exciting new blueprint for oil deals worldwide:

Much Gulf Oil Remains, Deeply Hidden and Under Beaches

11th August 2010

"Much Gulf Oil Remains, Deeply Hidden and Under Beaches"

New US Gulf oil spill report called 'ludicrous' reports the National Geographic. This week, biological oceanographer Markus Huettel and colleague Joel Kostka dug trenches on a cleaned Pensacola beach and discovered large swaths of oil up to two feet (nearly a meter) deep:

'Operation Noah's Ark' Tries To Rescue Gulf Sealife

 3rd August 2010

"Jack Rudloe has launched Operation Noah's Ark, using his four-acre facility an hour south of Tallahassee to preserve more than 350 different specimens – everything from sharks to starfish, shrimp and batfish – in an environment that includes a grassland and duplicates high and low tides."

Oil spill dumped 4.9 million barrels into Gulf of Mexico, latest measure shows

3rd August 2010

"The blown-out well in the Gulf of Mexico gushed 12 times faster than the government and BP estimated in the early weeks of the crisis and has spilled a whopping 4.9 million barrels, or 205.8 million gallons, according to a more detailed analysis announced late Monday."

New numbers from the Flow Rate Technical Group nudge the statistical scale of the Gulf oil disaster up even further reports the Washington Post:

It's the Opportunity, Stupid! - Robert Redford

29th July 2010

"the Senate is left to vote on an anemic energy bill of such remarkably limited scope that it could have been passed during the Bush era."

Action on carbon is down the drain

29th July 2010

"No matter, smiled Barack Obama and other leaders through clenched teeth: this would not stop the US and its partners moving forward with plans of their own. Oh, really? The whole enterprise, from top to bottom, has now collapsed"

Research says climate change undeniable

29th July 2010

"NOAA study draws on up to 11 different indicators of climate, and found that each one pointed to a world that was warming owing to the influence of greenhouse gases"

Shell chief defends deep-water drilling

 29th July 2010

"Peter Voser, Shell chief executive, said BP’s Gulf of Mexico deep-water oil spill was a tragedy but declared that Shell did not as yet need to change the way it operated, pending the results of the accident investigation"

Storm forces ships off spill site

23rd July 2010

"Dozens of ships in the Gulf of Mexico have been ordered to leave the site of the BP oil spill by the US government as Tropical Storm Bonnie gathers pace."

Forecasters say the tropical sotrm could reach the edge of the spill by early Saturday. The BBC reports that rilling on a relief well has already been suspended for up to two weeks:

Read Ekklesia's interview with Chris Huhne

15th July 2010 

Europe needs to reduce emissions by 30%

14th July 2010

"If we stick to a 20 per cent cut, Europe is likely to lose the race to compete in the low-carbon world to countries such as China, Japan or the US – all of which are looking to create a more attractive environment for low-carbon investment."

Chris Huhne, Norbert Röttgen and Jean-Louis Borloo advocate the EU moving to a higher carbon-cut target in the FT:

27,000 abandoned oil and gas wells in Gulf of Mexico ignored by government, industry

12th July 2010

"More than 27,000 abandoned oil and gas wells lurk in the hard rock beneath the Gulf of Mexico, an environmental minefield that has been ignored for decades. No one -- not industry, not government -- is checking to see if they are leaking, an Associated Press investigation shows."

Read the full Associated Press article at nola.com:

Earliest evidence of pet tortoise in Britain

9th of July 2010:

Researchers have found the earliest archaeological evidence of a tortoise being kept as a family pet in Britain, at a castle in Staffordshire.

The clean-up can "cause far more damage than the oil itself"

29th of June 2010

UK scientists at odds with US over effects of oil spill

Johann Hari: We all live in an oil slick now

25th of June 2010

"Step by step, US politicians on all sides become an oiligarchy that sees moving off petrol as irrational: turning off the spigot would turn off their election funds"

Read Johann Hari's comment piece from The Independent:

Chris Huhne: 14 million homes could benefit from green deal

24th June 2010 

"Millions of homes could benefit from the Government's new "green deal" which aims to cut carbon from homes and reduce energy bills, Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne will say today." - reports the Evening Standard.

A Colossal Fracking Mess - the dirty truth behind the new natural gas

An energy source supported by Politicians and businessmen alike, there is a darker side to the 'natural gasses' being sold as America's great alternative to oil. Read Christopher Bateman's article in Vanity Fair as he talks to residents in Pennsylvania's Dimock about the detrimental effects that fracking in their region has had on local health, prosperity and wellbeing:

Congress Grills BP CEO... WATCH A Whole Day Of Obfuscating In Four Minutes

18th June 2010

 Tony Hayward appeared before US Congress, in a bid to hold BP accountable for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill: what has been described as America's worst environmental catashtrophe.

Accusing BP of an extreme and damaging case of 'corporate complacency', the committee described themselves as were 'frustrated with your (Haywards) lack of candour'.

Death Toll from flash floods in South East France rises to 25

18th June 2010

The death toll in Var has risen, and may continue to rise according to authorities, the BBC reports here.

The death toll from flash floods in the south-eastern French department of Var has risen to 25.

Authorities warned that more bodies could still be found as they picked through debris swept away by Tuesday's torrential rain above the Cote D'Azur.

Flooding, landslides kill nearly 60 in Myanmar

18th June 2010

Persistent, heavy rains have left more that 50 dead in Myanmar reports Sky news this morning. And it is not just in Asia that is suffering under extreme weather conditions this month, there has also been fatal flooding in southern France and the US.

YANGON, Myanmar — Days of flooding and landslides caused by monsoon downpours have killed 57 people in northwestern Myanmar, state media reported Friday.

Dead Whale Found South Of BP Oil Spill

18th June 2010

The Gulf of Mexico: the impact on wildlife, as oil gushed from BP's rig, has been clear from day one. Shocking images of oil-soaked birds and marine life have been many, and disturbing. Today, the Huffington Post reports, the first large mammal was found dead:

"NEW ORLEANS — A dead sperm whale has been found floating 77 miles south of the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Peak Wood - Nature Does Impose Limits

John Perlin, author of A Forest Journey: The Story of Wood and Civilization, recaps and expands on the cautionary tales he’s recounted on how the world has already experienced the age of Peak Wood in this Miller-Mccune article.


"How China and India sabotaged the climate summit"

What really went on at Copenhagen...

Last week German online publication, Spiegel Online (Der Spiegel) published unheard recordings of high level conversation at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen. Click here to hear the meeting of world leaders as they are prevented from making a binding and satisfactory agreement on climate change.

What's happening to the climate is unprecedented

President of the Royal Society and President of the US National Academy of Sciences have made their voices heard on climate change in an outspoken letter to the Financial Times this week.

Met office review: climate change and human influence

The Met office have just published findings on their analysis of more that 100 climate monitoring outposts:

The 'No Fly' Summit for Faith Leaders

One month on from Copenhagen, Operation Noah's Mark Dowd is to chair the first ever virtual inter-faith climate event...

Leaders from around the globe take part in a 'no fly summit' on faith and climate change on Thursday, one month on from the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

How to Live the Future

You could lead the 'Live the Future' movement..

Churches: Act On Climate Change

By Archbishop Rowan Williams, 5th December 2009

Read the Archbishop's lecture, given at an Ecumenical service on the eve of Copenhagen.

The cuts won't work

The second report of the Green New Deal group

Sermon Ideas for climate change

Browse Operation Noah's library of sermons to help you produce imaginative and educational bla bla for you congregation.

The Commonwealth Conversation

Mark Dowd offers his insights on what the Commonwealth means to him...