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Idolatry and Redemption: Economics in Biblical Perspective

A talk given by Professor Tim Gorringe at a theology seminar held by Operation Noah in London in March 2013.

The church has a new field of mission

There is now new urgency, impetus and meaning to Jesus’ exhortation to us to “preach the good news to all creation”, said Operation Noah board member Ruth Jarman, speaking at Mission Earth - A Christian Response to climate change at York Minster on 21st April 2012.

Visions of the End? Revelation and Climate Change

Visions of the End? Revelation and Climate Change by The Revd Professor T.J. Gorringe; a chapter from Sebastian Kim and Jonathan Draper (eds.) Christianity and the Renewal of Nature, SPCK, 2011; reproduced with kind permission of the author and publisher.

Creation Renewed and Patient Hope

A reflection on Romans 8. 18 – 25 by Tom Wright, reprinted with permission from Paul for Everyone: Part 1 Romans 1 – 8 (SPCK 2004)

Justice: allegiance to the covenant Lord

“Justice: allegiance to the covenant Lord” , a chapter from David Atkinson, Renewing the Face of the Earth, 2008 Canterbury Press. Reprinted with permission of Canterbury Press:

Troubled waters

Troubled waters – Becoming ecologically awakened to the sacred earth and the implications for how we live. A paper by Professor Mary Grey.

Consider the lilies of the field

Consider the Lilies of the Field: Reading Luke’s Gospel and Saving the Planet. A paper by Professor Mary Grey.

Find joy in creation: a reflection

A reflection by David Atkinson on creation and covenant: a biblical kaleidoscope

Natural inter-relationships: a Bible study

A Bible study on natural inter-relationships, looking at a prophecy from Isaiah regarding Egypt.

Future promises: a Bible study

A Bible study on God's future promises, based on the Noah story and Deuteronomy 33: 26-29.

Advocacy and action: a Bible study

A Bible study on advocacy and action, based on Luke 12:35-48 and Isaiah 52:7-10.

Bible study: Damage to creation

A Bible study by Isabel Carter on damage to creation.

Redemption: Covenant hope

 “Redemption: Covenant Hope”: , a chapter from David Atkinson, Renewing the Face of the Earth, 2008 Canterbury Press.

Bible study: Caring for our neighbours

A Bible study by Isabel Carter on caring for our neighbours.

Some perspectives on economic justice

Quotations on climate change and economic justice from economists, theologians and politicians.

Listen to the Prophets!

Among our modern-day prophets are James Hansen of NASA, who states: 'The blame, if we fail to stand up and demand a change of course, will fall on us, the current generation of adults. Our parents honestly did not know that their actions could harm future generations. We, the current generation, can only pretend that we did not know.' This article outlines some of the many clear introductions to the science of human-induced climate change.

Justice and human flourishing

A Bible study on justice and human flourishing.

O Worship the King – reflections on Psalm 104

The well-know hymn O Worship the King All Glorious Above is based on verses from Psalm 104. It is a celebration of God the Creator and Sustainer of all things.

Notes on Job 38–39

Dr John Bimson of Trinity College, Bristol, reflects on this passage from Job and its challenge to our anthropocentric view of the world.

Further reading

Some suggestions for further reading and other resources.

A meditation on Psalm 8

Psalm 8 is a song of praise to God the Creator.  The overwhelming nature of the poet’s experience of God’s glory in creation helps him to a right understanding of his own place within God’s creation.

Theology resources

Theological resources and background papers to support the Ash Wednesday Declaration. Our hope is that this will encourage and inspire the Church to affirm with confidence that care for God's creation is foundational to the Gospel and a key dimension of the Church's mission.

Operation Noah Annual Lecture 2011: Report

Climate change is a confessional issue for the churches

Professor Tim Gorringe gave the Operation Noah annual lecture on Monday 15th November 2011 at at St Mary-le-Bow, Cheapside, and asked 'Is climate change, and its connection with the global economy, a matter for church confession?'

2009 Annual Lecture

The Climate Crisis: A Christian Response

October 2009: 1000 people from all over England packed into Southwark Cathedral on the 13th of October to hear Dr Rowan Williams speak on 'The Climate Crisis: A Christian Response'