For churches

Lent course

Operation Noah has created a Lent course based on the Ash Wednesday Declaration. The five sessions ask the questions: Does climate change matter? If so, why does it matter? How can I better celebrate creation as God’s gift? What is God asking of me? What do I need to change? What can I do now to cherish God’s earth?

Creation Time

Operation Noah’s theology think tank has prepared a series of sermon notes to help people who are preaching on the Lectionary for Creation Time 2012 (Sundays in September). We have tried to relate some of the lectionary readings and Collects for each Sunday to themes from our Ash Wednesday Declaration.

Presentations on Operation Noah and the Ash Wednesday Declaration

We have prepared Powerpoint presentations to help you introduce Operation Noah and the Ash Wednesday Declaration to your church.

A service to introduce the Ash Wednesday Declaration

A simple service (or part of a service) to pray for the effectiveness of this Declaration in enabling the Church to speak out with a clear voice.

Church magazine article: Taking a stand

We have written an article about Operation Noah's Ash Wednesday Declaration that you may wish to use in your church magazine. You can also download two images to accompany the article.

For churches

Energize your church!

This section of the website will give you ideas on how to introduce Operation Noah's Ash Wednesday Declaration and its significance to your church fellowship.

Below is one approach that you could take.

Step-by-step guide to getting your church engaged with the Ash Wednesday Declaration

1. Find one or two people who care either about the issue or for you, preferably both, and work together on the following: