What we think

What We Think

At Operation Noah our work is informed by two important imperatives:

1) Encouraging urgent action to reduce emissions

We in Britain should de-carbonise our economy by 2030. 2050 would be too late

2) Transforming our lifestyles

Promoting radical change to transform our lifestyles into simpler, enriching and more sustainable ways of ‘living the future’


Why Operation Noah?

Noah is a universal and iconic figure – instantly recognised by many. At a time when the earth was threatened by a destructive flood, he was chosen by God because he was an “upright man”. He was brave. He exercised leadership and took action when others were sceptical. Above all he was concerned to protect all of creation – not just homo sapiens. His story is a positive one – the appearance of the rainbow and the dove signifying hope after the flood. He inspires our campaign.

Explore these pages to find out what we think about key issues in the climate change debate and to share in Operation Noah's hope-filled vision for change.